A Cost-Saving Approach to IT Implementation

You’ve worked hard all year to build a successful business. You’ve taken into consideration all of the external and internal factors that affect the growth of your business. You’ve gotten to know all the factors that affect your business and you’ve realized that there are factors you can control and those you can’t. The factors you have no control over are the ones that keep you up at night.

Do you really want to spend your time worrying about the things you can’t control? All we can do about those things is manage and minimize the possibility of the uncontrollable, especially when it comes to your business. If you don’t, you run the risk of cost overruns.

One of the pivotal factors affecting your business success is cost, which can easily eat into your overall business profit. One major cost for any business is IT implementation: your computer systems, the software you need to run your business, servicing and maintaining these computer systems, upgrading to the latest software, training your staff on how to effectively use that software…

Did you know that you can effectively implement IT at a lower cost, with more control, and without compromising the efficacy of your service or productivity? The key is Open Source software!

To add Open Source software to your IT set-up, we recommend implementing it gradually — try it out with a pilot program and see the benefits!

Running a pilot program is an ideal way to experiment with Open Source technology and see their potential for meeting your business needs!

But how do you implement an effective pilot program? When deciding on an Open Source application to use, look for how well it matches your business purpose as well as its security, reliability, and viability. Run thorough tests to make sure that your new Open Source solution can be integrated with any proprietary technology you may be using.

If you need help with your pilot program, consult with an Open Source Specialist. If you’re not sure how to find one, reach out to us at ACTa! We would be glad to help!

If the pilot phase is successful, you will see the cost benefit as well as experience the freedom of actually owning the software and having the ability to customize it to serve your business better.

Your business could end up as successful as Capital One, which has enthusiastically embraced Open Source software!

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