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Businesses worldwide are realizing compelling benefits by switching from proprietary technology to open source technology.


Is open source right for your organization?

What advantages does it hold over proprietary software? ACTa is here with expert, objective advice on questions like these. Plus, we constantly stay abreast of the new technologies coming from the open source community and educate you on the latest developments.

Here’s a quick look at our services:


At Alt Choice Tech Advisors (ACTa), we’re experts on the various open source platforms and applications available today. We can educate you on your options, recommend the best one for meeting your business objectives and, if you like, provide guidance through implementation and beyond.


We evaluate the software or platform that you’re using today and assess whether open source technology is a viable option for addressing your business needs. If open source is worth your consideration, we determine what it would take to complete the migration and a timeline for doing so


Choosing an open source solution can seem overwhelming. We review the many options out there and recommend the best one based on what matters to you — use case, budget, desired results, environmental considerations, etc. Want to start slow? As a first step, we might recommend installing a single open source app and comparing its performance with that of your current proprietary solution.


In most cases, we refer clients to trusted providers, developers and/or implementers to handle the implementation of open source technology. But in certain circumstances, it makes more sense for us to implement the solution ourselves. Which approach would be appropriate for your organization? Reach out to us today to start the conversation.


Implementing open source or other types of technology requires having a good handle on the latest options, their interconnectivity and the best way to deploy them.

If you’re with an academic institution or corporation and want to educate your employees about the viability of open source technology, ACTa can help. We offer educational on-site workshops, presentations and seminars that increase technical awareness using language that non-technical personnel can understand.


Why not get in touch with us today?

Let us show you how to be free from the tyranny of proprietary technology.

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