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We are all about Open Source technology!

Many people have grown frustrated with proprietary software, the traditional solution for running a business. It’s easy to see why. Expensive licensing, implementation and management costs. Source code that can’t be customized. Major privacy, security and legal concerns. The list goes on.

Is your business ready to move beyond the limitations and shortcomings of proprietary software? Open source technology offers access to a world of endless possibilities. And Alt Choice Tech Advisers (ACTa) can serve as your guide to help your business realize all the benefits of open source.

Open Source Means Freedom

At ACTa, we’re passionate about educating organizations about open source software and the many options at their disposal. However, we do not implement the solutions. This policy allows us to maintain complete objectivity in our consultative role. If you need the assistance, though, we can refer you to trusted technology providers, developers and implementers to handle all or selected aspects of your open source deployment.

Jerry Agbon, our founder and fearless leader, is a designer by training, open source expert and successful entrepreneur. In 2001, he co-founded Biyn Development, a firm that originally focused on designing and developing customized software and later shifted to developing and manufacturing high-end, digital surveillance systems. With his considerable experience in building customized software and deep knowledge of open source applications and programs, Jerry launched ACTa in 2016.

Open source technology can do so much for your business, from speeding development and reducing IT cost to spurring innovation and increasing productivity. To learn more about how ACTa can help your business enjoy the freedom that comes with open source, please contact us today.


Our Focus

Our focus is exclusively on supporting your transition to Open Source. We do not sell any products but completely and passionately concentrate on making your organization successful with Open Source.

We would be happy to show you the tremendous cost savings for your organization by going to Open Source. We can point out the opportunities in your business where Open Source products would be a great cost-effective choice. And we can show you what it means to be in control of your own software tools.

Useful Resources

ACTa continually keeps up to date on the activities of those in the open source community and the latest solutions that emerge. If you’d like to learn more about open source technology, check out our listing of Useful Resources…

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