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Consulting, evaluation, recommendation, implementation and education





Why Open Source?

Enhanced freedom, lower costs, improved IT productivity and much more






The freedom to modify and adapt open source software for your specific business requirement, promotes innovation





Let’s introduce you to the world of
Open Source…

The Future Is Wide Open!

Open source technology is changing the way businesses are run today — and will be run tomorrow. It’s time to free yourself from the constraints of proprietary software and experience a world of endless possibilities.

ACTa is here to help you enjoy the many compelling benefits of open source. Whatever your business goals — from increasing privacy to boosting security to going green — chances are, open source offers a solution.

Work With Us

  • Consultation 80% 80%
  • Evaluation 60% 60%
  • Recommendation 60% 60%
  • Education and seminars 90% 90%
  • Implementation 20% 20%

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